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computational cinema / custom software / video / color & bw / stereo / real-time 10:00 / 2006 / in collaboration with CHOI Sai-Ho

PSYCHO(S) is a live remix of Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO and Gus Van Sant’s remake in 1998. Running on custom software that edits the films in real-time, PSYCHO(S) juxtaposes and condenses the two films that were made almost 40 years apart into a hypnotic stream of mirror images. The images and sounds, drifting in and out of sync, create a perpetual state of cinematic déjà vu that haunts and confuses both the original and its double. PSYCHO(S) recycles the original narratives, forming new poetic associations in an endless cycle of parallel edits.


keywords: experimental cinema, computational cinema, algorithmic montage, Max/MSP/Jitter, found footage, appropriation, Psycho

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