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electronic literature / custom software and prints / b&w / sound / real-time / 2020

Preview video (short version)



FALSE WORDS 流/言 is an automatic writing machine recombining and reiterating the words “我沒有敵人” (I have no enemies), a quote by the Chinese writer and the late Nobel Peace Prize laureate LIU Xiaobo, in an endless cycle of word play. 


Posing as an imaginary conversation, the writing machine spits out rounds of questions and answers by recombining the original words in real-time, forming sentences that are absurd, senseless while at times suggestive and provocative.


During the rounds of writing, an unexpected image and pattern emerges: the character “人” (human) becomes exceptionally legible and discernable, standing out amongst the obscured words and layered texts.  These dispersed “humans” however are eventually being devoured and buried in the process of the endless writing, like all things in history.  


FALSE WORDS consists of two parts. 


The first part is presented on two video monitors with one screen showing the dialogues generated by the custom software while the other displaying all the words being generated from these dialogues.


The second part, a set of digital prints documenting the rendered graphics of a previous process, will be shown alongside with the video monitors.

keywords: writing machine, LIU Xiaobodigital poetry, electronic literature, media installation, digital prints, being-in-history

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