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Between the threshold of good and evil

computational cinema / custom software / b&w / sound / 2011 

BETWEEN is a reimagination of the American film noir tale of crime and deception as a one-bit relativist moral drama.


A custom software analyzes the luminance of the film as grayscale level frame-by-frame in real-time. Based on a grayscale threshold selected randomly before every new round of the playback, the software renders each frame with an average grayscale value below the threshold in black or above in white, thus transforming the original film into an abstract pattern of black and white lines.


The new visualization becomes a sort of quantification of ambiguities of good and evil in the noir stories, or else the audience find themselves combed by alternating light and shade, a moral void or its metaphor.

keywords: computational cinema, appropriation, Max/MSP/Jitter, film noir

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